An Education or a Degree?

Getting any type of degree is hard work. Don’t think that an online degree will be a cinch.

In fact, an online degree takes more time management and focus. It also takes determination and dedication. Do you have that in you? If so, then move forward and begin your research on where to go and how much you can afford to spend.

So, what university can you afford? There are tons of universities that want you (and they really do want you and your money) but do you want them? Do you need to have an Ivy League degree or will one from a local college work for you as well?

Or do you want to check out some of these online course and just learn a new subject for the heck of it?  Oh the wonderful choices we have!

The Virtual Playground

Goodwill Community Foundation: Free Online Classes

Elearning Blogs

So much to learn and know and LOTS of time to do it in… Class Dismissed!

3 thoughts on “An Education or a Degree?

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