The Upside to Unemployment

The economy has a way of  forcing us to take a look at the job we are in (or have just lost) and decide if that was where we really wanted to be.  Regardless of the answer, the ability to turn and look in another direction and see the positive side will make all the difference in your time of transition (aka unemployment).This is a great time to:

Write letters to those people that love you (or to those that hate you!)

Visit the Library
Get a library card
Check out the career section books
Read magazines
Join a book group
Use the library computer to send out resumes/check emails
Select some audio books (cassettes or cds)
See if your library lets you download books to a mp3 player
Request books online

Get Fit
If you have a gym membership, try to keep it or
Join Fitness 19 ($19.00 per month)
Go to a store and purchase a cheap pedometer ($5 or less)
Start walking and look at the number on the pedometer – raise that number by 100 every day
Every time a commercial is on, jump up and do 50 squats (if you’re ‘man’ enough!)

Sleep in
Go to bed when you’re tired
Let your body wake up when it’s good and ready

Take a trip
Remember how many trips you had to pass up because there was no time?
You either have time or money — take a road trip, visit relatives, go camping …
Then when you get your job, you’ve already had a vacation. Trust me (ummm….)

Get an education
Go online and find some free university courses
Care to learn a language? Check the BBC website
100 Totally free weird and free classes
Hewlett-Packard has free lessons on how to use MS Office software

Voice your opinion

Start a free blog using WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal or any of the other freebies out there — and start voicing your opinion on something you’re passionate about!

Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose. And if you do start a blog, be sure to contact me so I can read it too!

An Education or a Degree?

Getting any type of degree is hard work. Don’t think that an online degree will be a cinch.

In fact, an online degree takes more time management and focus. It also takes determination and dedication. Do you have that in you? If so, then move forward and begin your research on where to go and how much you can afford to spend.

So, what university can you afford? There are tons of universities that want you (and they really do want you and your money) but do you want them? Do you need to have an Ivy League degree or will one from a local college work for you as well?

Or do you want to check out some of these online course and just learn a new subject for the heck of it?  Oh the wonderful choices we have!

The Virtual Playground

Goodwill Community Foundation: Free Online Classes

Elearning Blogs

So much to learn and know and LOTS of time to do it in… Class Dismissed!

Kick in the Kiester

Sometimes it’s the kick in the Kiester that forces change.

The Kick isn’t always bad or unwanted. It’s like when someone takes away the bag of cookies — that you were eating out of habit (and wishing someone would remove from your grasp).

The Kick makes you look at what matters most to you. If you could spend all your days doing something, what would it be?

For me, it’s writing. HA! Just like this.

And reading — I love the library and have a stack of books to read before my 3 weeks checkout time is up. And walking – I feel great when I’m outside and moving my body. But what is it for you?

Study Tips: Tic Toc

The most important study tip is to set aside a certain time to study and stick to it.

By scheduling a 2 hour study window, when that time is up, you are free to walk away and get on with your family and job and other pieces of life that you put on hold.

Since you have a fixed amount of time instead of a random window (this afternoon I’ll work on my paper) you are more likely to get to work right away.

Hint: This tip works in all areas of your life. Give yourself a set amount of time and get your task done and move on.


Notetaking Shortcuts

You can always use a few good study tips — so here’s one that will be handy as you sit in a classroom or on a conference call or online seminar.

The next time you are reading your assignment, open a page in your notebook and draw a line down the center.

Record your notes on one side of the paper and be sure to circle any questions you have.

By reading your assignment ahead of class, you are familiar with the subject and won’t need to waste time writing down concepts again. They will be on this side of the paper.

When you get to class, use this side of the paper to record your class notes.

If your questions (that you circled) are not answered, ask them.

This method allows you to remember what you read in the text and still follow along with the lecture.

The ideas, terms and concepts will already be noted and you will have more time to process what is being said instead of writing, writing, writing.

Cyberspace Classrooms: A New Reality

Book readers, podcasts, webcams, cell phone texting platforms, chat rooms, webinars, videos, and open source software will be old school techniques when my grandson is in college in 2030.

Land based classrooms will not be an option. They will be as obsolete as the rotary telephone I grew up with that tethered me to a wall. The cyberspace classroom is being created now. Each new innovation erases an existing fixture in the educational realm.

Cell phones are allowing students the ability to attend webinars, seminars and to download podcasts allowing students to learn in ways that don’t involve paper, books or people.

Courses can be created and students can be grouped according to their interests. Students will have more freedom to pick and choose from a wide range of universities since location will no longer be an issue.

Success will come to students as they set goals that suit their personalities and fill their class load with courses that speak to them.

In an online learning environment, there will be no need for dormitories, buildings, librarians, janitors, parking attendants, football players, cafeterias or bookstores. Some colleges may decide to keep their science and medical departments but the others can go online.

The cyber-classroom will have everything a student needs to be successful. In addition to advisor and counseling forums, a student will be able to have chats with faculty, work groups with students and even create new environments as a way to share information.

Diversity will become a way of life as students from across the world attend class in cyberspace bringing their world view, culture, religion, history and attitude to the table.

The educational model we have today doesn’t work. It costs too much and doesn’t deliver the necessary tools for the graduate.

The Global Web of 195 countries may not even need tools. By the time my grandson is in college, the whiteboard may be replaced by a virtual circuit board giving him access to all existing information.  Put a ring on his finger …and he’s in the Louve looking at original art or he’s back in time watching the pyramids being created or he’s sitting next to John Steinbeck as he writes a novel.

He will tell his children, “There was a time when students had to go to a classroom to learn…”

Need a will? Lots of Free Legal Forms

Take a few minutes and review the websites listed below so that you can create a basic will that will be legally binding.

Many of the forms are for the state that you live in — some are general forms. Take a look around and see what fits. Need a will? How about a pre-marital agreement or living will?

How many people do you know that don’t have a will?  Check out the website and download a basic will today. Most people do not need a lawyer to draft a basic will yet they still put it off — NOT a good idea.


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