Pay attention to college accreditation!

If you decide to get a degree, make sure your college is accredited.

When a school has accreditation, you know that it meets required academic standards. Those standards allow you to receive assistance from government student programs (loans and grants). When you attend an accredited college, you can take that degree and it is accepted everywhere.

When you attend an unaccredited college or university and get a degree, that degree can’t be transferred to a college that is accredited.

Why does it matter? Your education might prove to be a waste of time and money if your employer doesn’t recognize your degree as official or if you try to continue your education at another college.

Do more research using the keywords : diploma mill.

Hope this helps!

2 thoughts on “Pay attention to college accreditation!

  1. Marge

    Patty –
    I agree with you! A degree from an unaccredited school is often ignored and dismissed by employers and other universities and not viewed as a ‘real’ degree. Thanks!


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