Test your Typing Speed!

Ever wonder how many words per minute you can type?   Take this online typing test and find out.

“Typing Test & FREE Typing tutor at Learn 2 Type – the leading FREE Web site that helps you master the skills of touch typing. Whether you’re a typing expert or just a “hunt & peck” beginner, the interactive exercises in this Typing Tutor automatically adjust to your skill level. The better you get, the more challenging the Typing exercises become. You can come and go as you please and pick up the Typing lesson where you left off.”


Pay attention to college accreditation!

If you decide to get a degree, make sure your college is accredited.

When a school has accreditation, you know that it meets required academic standards. Those standards allow you to receive assistance from government student programs (loans and grants). When you attend an accredited college, you can take that degree and it is accepted everywhere.

When you attend an unaccredited college or university and get a degree, that degree can’t be transferred to a college that is accredited.

Why does it matter? Your education might prove to be a waste of time and money if your employer doesn’t recognize your degree as official or if you try to continue your education at another college.

Do more research using the keywords : diploma mill.

Hope this helps!

KHAN Academy — Amazing!


This site is amazing!

The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization with the mission of providing a high quality education to anyone, anywhere.

They have 1000+ videos on YouTube covering everything from basic arithmetic and algebra to differential equations, physics, chemistry, biology and finance which have been recorded by Salman Khan.

What a genius!

Khan Academy

Federal Resources at your disposal!

At Federal Resources for Educational Excellence you’ll find a host of teaching and learning resources from federal agencies. Arts and Music, Health and Physical Education, History and Social Studies, Language Arts, Math and Science are located in the Subject Map. Some animations include a view of the night sky, a tour of a cell, a view of cancer and much more.

The videos include space, before and after the great earthquake in San Francisco and on and on.

Historical photos are available with links to the websites where they can be found.

You can review Primary Documents from the Library of Congress and other sources that includes:

A Date Which Will Live in Infamy
shows the typewritten draft of the December 8, 1941, speech in which Franklin Roosevelt asked Congress to declare war on Japan. The draft shows Roosevelt’s hand-written edits, including his change of the phrase “a date which will live in world history …

The Zimmermann Telegram
is lesson plan aims to help students understand the causes of World War I and why the U.S. intervened. In January of 1917, British cryptographers deciphered a telegram from German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmermann to the German Minister to Mexico, von Eckhardt, offering …

The Homestead Act of 1862
recounts efforts to improve homesteading laws and make land ownership possible for more settlers. The distribution of government lands had been an issue since the Revolutionary War. “Preemption” — settling the land first and paying for it later — became national policy; however, supporting legislation…

George Washington: First in War, First in Peace, and First in the Hearts of His Countrymen
consists of three lessons examining George Washington’s leadership in the French and Indian War, at the Federal Convention, and as chief executive. They are based on primary source documents from the George Washington Papers, 1741-1799. The lessons are intended for secondary students, grades 8-12. The documents from Washington’s Letterbooks include focus questions that may be used in Socratic seminars and in cooperative learning groups. (Library of Congress).


True Enrichment Daily= TEDtalks.com

Have you visited TedTalks.com yet? This site is chock full of ‘ideas worth spreading’ according to the tag line.

And it’s right. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design or my version which is True Enrichment Daily.

TED is a private nonprofit foundation that disseminates information on the internet.

Speakers, Talks and Themes are related to technology, entertainment, design, business, science, culture, arts, global issues and more.

Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world… and best of all … each talk is 18 minutes or less. What a way to start the day!


Why is Open Source Learning so Important?

Take a few minutes to learn about Open Source learning and why it’s so important.

Richard Baraniuk believes it’s the wave of the future because it cuts out the middleman which keeps costs low.
The video shows how teachers have embraced open source learning as a tool that allows them to connect with other educators across the city, nation and world.


FlatworldKnowledge.com: Free Online Books

At Flatworldknowledge

You can get online peer-reviewed books for free. They can be also be purchased in softcover, audio, and self-print versions. They are open-source so you can modify them to fit your course.  Faculty receives great books and control over their content.  THEY get to decide when to move to a new version, not the publisher and the student wins.

Check to see if your university is listed (there are 100’s of them here!) and then sort alphabetically by school name and use the alpha links to jump to your school.