So Go Learn Something — for FREE!

Learn online.

For free.

And then decide if you like taking online classes.

And then decide if you’ve chosen the right field.

And if you like taking online classes then take another class. And another and another …

All online classes are not alike. At least I hope not. Many are cookie cutter using a learning management system (i.e., Blackboard, WebCT, eCollege) and in order to manage the courses going out the door, the schools determine a standard template.

A standard template is actually OK – as long as the instructor deviates from it. Standard templates can be enhanced by adding rich media content, urging the class to search the web and find additional material that adds value to the class, allows for updates to the syllabus when world issues force their way into the learning sphere and more, more, more.

Academic Earth at offers free video courses from leading universities. Check the wide range of subjects that are offered and take the plunge!

YouTube EDU at . What better way to learn than to watch videos from classes from over 100 universities and colleges? Here is another location to access complete courses that interest you

250 Free Online Courses from Top Universities :

It’s free so lack of money is no longer an issue.

Remember, you can get an education (without the degree) for free. No more excuses!

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