Goodwill Community Foundation – Free online classes

Making the most of existing technology is the name of the game. Many people who might want to go to college will never attend for a variety of reasons. Some have time issues, money issues, family challenges, etc. Some will feel overwhelmed or computer challenged. 

The Goodwill Community Foundation (GCF) offers free courses (you only have to sign up) about everyday tools.

The First Course they offer is called Everyday Life which has sections on

  1. Food
  2. Money
  3.  Work
  4.  Shopping
  5.  Maps
  6.  Bills and Budgeting

Other courses include Math & Money, Computer Training, Online Classes, Work & Career.

For an individual who would like to enter the online classroom in a slow and easy manner, a classroom like this would be perfect. The price is right (free) and the topics are useful in everyday life.  The Computer Training classes walk the students through everyday software applications like Microsoft Excel, Publisher, Word, PowerPoint and Access.  Being able to learn these applications and use them without pressure and time constraints makes learning a smooth process. 

GCF is the first step in getting an education. The end result is the student sets the pace and learns in a stress free environment at no cost.  How many students will decide that they do NOT need to have a $75,000 price tag associated with a BA?  Many will soon figure out aht a degree would be great to have but they really only need the  education.  Or the multitudes that will ‘buy’ into the idea of a college education, only to find out the teachers do not know how to use technology as a way to teach. Students who learn for free will still have an education minus the outrageous cost.  

Free Education, it’s a concept I really like!

2 thoughts on “Goodwill Community Foundation – Free online classes

  1. Patty Cantrell

    The Goodwill Community Foundation is a great site and I am anxious to explore it further. There is so much to learn and so little time.

    Your last paragraph was particularly interesting because I have been contemplating whether to return to school and finish my doctoral studies. I know I can learn without attending a University but how can I get employment without the credential. I could never make it past the Human Resource department without the certificate saying I meet the requirements, which may or may not mean I am actually qualified for the job. Is there a way for each us to achieve greatness without the current credentialing system? How will we know if someone is prepared for the job? I believe education is more of an economical and political issue than it is about true learning. The process of change will be very slow.

    Today, I am excited that I can learn about the world and all it has to offer by constructing my own learning environment. What I am learning is extraordinary and I am learning from diverse communities around the world, not just one instructor. So keep up your postings, I will be following.


  2. Hi Patty,
    You know the concept of a GED, where if you know the material, you receive the high school diploma … can’t you see that happening with higher education as well?

    I know people that pay money instead of doing court ordered community service – and the county is ok with that plan. I know of shops back in NY that will ‘give’ you a sticker for a price if for some reason your car doesn’t pass inspection.

    Why not find a place where you can ‘test out’ of a course if you already know the material. It should be about what you learn or already know … not about mindless, boring classes that do not connect, teach or offer insight into the given topic. Do the teachers have any idea what their students are doing while they are in front of the class? I bet not!

    Something to think about, huh?


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