Gimme more, gimme more

What would Google do? blog author Jeff Jarvis writes that blogs and online news will soon be the main source of information for communities as the popularity of paper medium decreases.  Blog writers, those people who have a passion about something near and dear to them will become the voice of the community.

…Keep in mind that few, if any, of these bloggers and journalists have experience in business, advertising or sales.

The average person becomes the voice of the community. That can be a wonderful thing — that can also be terrifying if that person sees the glass half empty, the trash half full, the community sinking and the government stinking.

Another person can express pride, share triumphs, paint vibrant rainbows — the world needs to see both sides of the community and hear both writers.  Let them speak.  Let others respond.  A new world is here.

Jarvis writes, “Bottom line: after three years, we project that a blogger could hire editorial staff and advertising help – citizen salespeople who help support the citizen journalists – and net $148,000 out of $332,000 revenue.”

Maybe it could happen, or maybe like the ostrich egg farms from the ’80’s or the pyramid schemes that benefit the first 50 or 500 will gain some glory and money – but the blogger will have to have a reason to post and something to lure the reader back each day.  What can be so compelling that one person will follow a certain blogger?

Discussions about books, directions to free educational websites, topics that help me grow and offer data I can share with others …would entice me to return.  I’d watch creative videos that offer new ideas and I’d link to them and share with others.

Here’s a video I watched the whole way through.  When it finished, I questioned the state of learning in our universities. It made me wonder why students enter a classroom when the professor is so far behind the technology times.  The student is the teacher … and the teacher has so much to learn.

Watch and Share this video – A Vision of Students Today –

Author: Margekatherine

Missing my grandkids but loving everything about life here in glorious Colorado!

8 thoughts on “Gimme more, gimme more”

  1. Hi
    I am currently a student in a graduate certificate in applied elearning. This is all very new to me. I have only ever experienced face to face learning and I currently tutor in Early Childhood face to face. Part of my e learning course is to make contact with a regular blogger and interview them about the a blogging network benefiting from facilitation services e.g. conferencing each other on a topic etc. If you have time to make a comment on this question, I would really appreciate it.

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Kylee, Count me in! It would be great to exchange ideas with you on various types of education. There really are so many choices out there … can you envision a different way of learning besides face to face … if so then you’ll grow by leaps and bounds because there is so much elearning, technology and such that already exists. The cyber community is generous in sharing their knowledge, tools, successes and failures. This will be fun!

      1. Hi

        Thank you for your reply, would it be easier via email? Let me know the best way of communication. Look forward to it.



  2. Wow! aren’t you popular?

    We are in exciting times and there are no limits to all the possibilities. The best part is we can learn from each other. I can’t wait to see what other amazing tidbits you come across.

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